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Best practices in language teaching in a multilingual context in early childhood”. A case study.


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The aim of this presentation was to carry out a qualitative research Project as a case study to explore best practices in language teaching in a multilingual education context. The centre used for the collection of information was ”The International School of Sotogrande”, where observation sessions and interviews with the teachers in charge of language education policy were carried out.
In order to recognise what could be considered ”best practices”, a review of the scientific literature was carried out, as a theoretical framework, as well as an analysis of the context in which the research was carried out.
The analysis of all the information gathered has revealed a system of categories that refer to all those aspects that, in one way or another, intervene in the implementation of ”Best Practices”, showing that it is not only a question of didactic or methodological factors, but that they intervene in a holistic way, everything that includes the centre and the educational community.

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      Fernando Trujillo Sáez

      Comentó el 23/06/2023 a las 07:15:33

      Dear colleagues,
      Congratulations for your lecture. The case you have chosen is very interesting and the analysis performed reveals interesting traits for plurilingual education.
      Obviously, school projects and their successes cannot be totally and directly transferred to other schools but do you think some of the features of the school you have analyzed might be exported to other schools? Which ones would you suggest as the key features to export to other schools?
      Best regards,
      Fernando Trujillo

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        María López González

        Comentó el 23/06/2023 a las 17:29:37

        Thank you very much for your words, although not everything can be extrapolated, there are many indicators that are, such as flexibility, sufficient weekly coordination, educational methodology and above all respect, support and work with the family always taking the mother tongue as a bridge for concepts and knowledge while the process of linguistic immersion takes place.
        Best regards,
        María López.

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      María López González

      Comentó el 22/06/2023 a las 16:49:52

      Thank you very much for your comment, we are trying to go deeper into the subject and I think that your proposal to address teacher training would be of great help to deal effectively with multilingual environments.

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      Ana María Pino-Rodríguez

      Comentó el 21/06/2023 a las 15:22:51

      María, Jose and Julio, congratulations for your work. It is really interesting and I honestly think that it could be used to set up the basis for a course addressed to teachers and teachers-to-be. It would be great to develop it and put it into practice (what could give you more data for future research). What do you think about that?

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